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Travel Insider: Monica Bewak

As part of our ‘travel insiders’ interview series, we draw inspiration from the famous Proust Questionnaire, where we will regularly share our own Q&A with women who either work in the industry or are serial travelers. Here we can all get some tips as well as some inspiration for a new adventure. This week I chat with the Director Of Events at Rosewood London, Monica Bewak.

Given she is one of the classiest and well traveled Ladies I know (and we worked together once upon a time too), Monica was right at the top of my list for this Q&A. She has explored nearly every continent and has a knack for finding hidden gems. She is always up for a new travel adventure, and I look forward to catching up while I am in London next to hear what new places she has discovered, as well as her experiences around her new City (one of my favorites). Monica also has an exceptional resume and experience in the luxury hotel realm – her career in hospitality has taken her from Los Angeles to New York to Paris to London, where she is now at the lovely Rosewood London.


Q: Where was the last Country you visited?


Q: Who or what inspires you to travel?

My curiosity of other cultures – their food, languages, day to day lives – and simply learning & experiencing something new that will enrich my life as well as hopefully someone else’s once that experience is shared.

Q: What was a particularly memorable destination or cultural experience?

How do you choose only one?!
– Fireworks atop the Peninsula Hotel overlooking the Bund in Shanghai on NYE
– Swimming in what seemed like my own private blue lagoon on the magical island of Kastellorizo, Greece
– Playing games in the park with children in Ghana
– Laughing with friends while sipping sangria during a rain spell on the beach in Mallorca

Q: Do you have any favorite hotels and/or airline routes?

Villa La Tartana in Positano, Italy. Family-run & intimate, perfectly located near the beach & main piazza , and they remember you year after year. Not to mention their morning cappuccinos overlooking the sea!

Every airline route is my favorite. It means I’m traveling!

Q: Where do you go to for recommendations, to research a destination? Does social media have an influence?

Mostly word of mouth. I take personal recommendations very seriously & listen to friends, family & anyone whom I feel shares this passion with me.

I’m not as big on social media as I probably should be! It sometimes plays a reverse role in that I don’t want to go anywhere that is too popular at the moment.

Q: What is one fashion accessory or outfit you always pack? Any additional packing tips?

A swimsuit. You never know when you’ll need one.

Always carry on & buy your toiletries in the airport once you’ve passed through security (then toss them at the end of your trip!). It may be a bit pricier, however it’s worth the time you’ll save not waiting for your bag & getting started on your trip.

Q. What destination(s) is still on your bucket list?

New Zealand

Q: What advice would you give to would-be solo travelers to encourage an adventure?

Take a chance & be open to opportunities. Don’t be afraid but be street smart. Breathe & enjoy.

Q. Finally, what is your travel motto?

Never let your passport expire.

Author: Carrie Mitchell

Carrie A. Mitchell is the founder of L’Aventure Travel, the host of the Suitcase Sojourn Podcast, and author of the children’s travel book “To Be We”. Carrie is a global travel and hospitality expert who works with publications, brands and entertainment outlets on a number of travel related projects, from marketing consulting to editorial coverage to hosting & producing content for the web, TV and podcasts. She is always seeking to learn from people and places around the world, and share through her cultural exploration (40+ countries and counting)