Global Decor

It seems like there are always new stylish discoveries from the road, from home decor to art to fashion. Given our envy of professional international buyers everywhere, we explore a few options you can buy online stateside for some cultural flare.

We bring home items from all of our international travel, big and small, don’t you? It’s a wonderful way to relive memories or connect to other cultures through local art, design and tradition. This is something we explore on the Style Our World Podcast so be sure to subscribe!

If you are in the mood for some shopping-from-home for a little international inspiration, here are a few favorites (*We always try to encourage buying from the source and shopping with local merchants when possible, but this is just a general list. We will absolutely be featuring global artisans, architects, chefs, designers on the pods)

Etsy (global)

World Market (global)

Novica (Africa)

Artelexia (Mexican)

Bonjour (French)

Liberty London (UK)

Casablanca Market (Moroccan)

Zoco Home (Moroccan)

Rikumo (Japanese)

Huset (Scandinavian)

Grand Bazaar (Turkish)