Solo Travel

We can’t recommend solo travel enough. It gives you the time to explore everywhere and everything you have ever wanted on your own time, and we can guarantee you will walk away having learned much more about yourself in the process.

Given Skift dubbed 2017 “the year of the modern female traveler,” (hello, we’ve always been here) and Conde Nast Traveler recently reported that solo female travel is more popular than ever, it clearly shows that there is a massive demographic not been represented nor marketed to nearly enough from the big brands in this arena. (*Brands, hotels, airlines, you are missing a HUGE opportunity here). Just do a Google trends search for the phrase “female solo travel,” and you’ll see the spike in interest over the past five years.

Sub categories such as ‘women’s adventure travel’ are booming too, where according to a CN Traveler interview with REI Adventures Cynthia Dunbar, “since 2010, women traveling with us has grown by 60 percent, and we continue to see this figure grow steadily each year. Last year alone, 58 percent of all our guests were women.”

Of course safety is always a priority when traveling alone. Its important to stay connected with people throughout your journey, know the cultural climate you are entering, research online places like Trip advisor for tips from fellow women travelers, practice common sense & stay alert. We thought this roundup was a good list of ‘best places for solo travel‘ though we have quite a few to add. (Road trips in the US and Canada are a great place to start, as we have previously discussed on the ‘Look For America’ podcast episode of Caftan Mondays.) And you?

Author: Carrie Mitchell

Carrie A. Mitchell is the founder of L’Aventure Travel, the host of the Suitcase Sojourn Podcast, and author of the children’s travel book “To Be We”. Carrie is a global travel and hospitality expert who works with publications, brands and entertainment outlets on a number of travel related projects, from marketing consulting to editorial coverage to hosting & producing content for the web, TV and podcasts. She is always seeking to learn from people and places around the world, and share through her cultural exploration (40+ countries and counting)