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With adventure travel for women up by a hefty margin in the past few year’s, we look at some ideas for your next jaunt.

Per our previous post on solo travel, you likely saw that ‘women’s adventure travel’ is booming, with REI Adventures Cynthia Dunbar stating “since 2010, women traveling with us has grown by 60 percent, and we continue to see this figure grow steadily each year. Last year alone, 58 percent of all our guests were women.” From our own research alone, simply googling ‘women’s adventure travel’ results in dozens of great options for trip planning.

According to Travel + Leisure: “More recently, with a certain demographic of women rebranding feminism as less a political calling than a lifestyle choice — one focused on personal empowerment and self-care — female-centric travel companies are retooling and expanding once again.”

Female-focused adventure companies aren’t exactly new — they started to spring up in the seventies (camping, canoe trips, backcountry tours, etc). But as wellness has gone mainstream, women-only tour operators have grown from climbing expeditions to cycling to ‘ adventure lite’ experiences. (And also….does Glamping count?)

Some planning websites to explore:


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