Suitcase Sojourn

Suitcase Sojourn: Naz Riahi

Carrie talks to writer, filmmaker and Bitten founder Naz Riahi

Carrie A. Mitchell talks to writer, filmmaker and Bitten founder Naz Riahi about her business, her travels, her Iranian immigrant roots, her writing and her experience at The White House. Countries discussed: USA, Spain, Iran, Canada, Mexico

Photo by Matt Borkowski

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Reading list: 

Naz’s Medium article “An Iranian Immigrant Attends #SXSL at the White House” that was shared by President Obama

Naz’s interview with Teen Vogue

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Author: Carrie Mitchell

Carrie A. Mitchell is the founder of L’Aventure Travel, the host of the Suitcase Sojourn Podcast, and author of the children’s travel book “To Be We”. Carrie is a global travel and hospitality expert who works with publications, brands and entertainment outlets on a number of travel related projects, from marketing consulting to editorial coverage to hosting & producing content for the web, TV and podcasts. She is always seeking to learn from people and places around the world, and share through her cultural exploration (40+ countries and counting)