HipCamp: Discover Your Next Camping (or Glamping) Experience

Want more time with nature on your next vacation? Hipcamp may be you answer for accommodations, as they list options on both public and private land, making them the most comprehensive camping & outdoor lodging resource in the US.

Aside from regularly wanting to escape the city for the quiet of the countryside, and scrolling through Hipcamp’s dreamy instagram feed, I recently connected with the brand to learn more about what range they offer in term of camping & outdoor lodging resource in the US. With their slogan “Find yourself outside“, one should not be surprised to find out that have over 285,000 campsites, ranches, vineyards, farms, public parks and more available to book on their site (kind of like a nature-retreat driven airbnb model, sometimes public camping grounds and sometimes people’s cabins, airstream trailers and yurts!)

Some example listings in California include:

Photos courtesy of Hipcamp


Their Story (I always love a female-founded business!)

The Hipcamp story began with waves—gorgeous, glassy, barrelling waves, to be exact. They were crashing on the Big Sur coast at Andrew Molera State Park as founder and CEO Alyssa Ravasio watched in frustration. She had recently spent several hours, multiple chrome tabs and way too many websites trying to find a spot that suited what she thought was a simple request: set up camp and watch the first sunrise of 2013 somewhere on a beach.

But, despite her hard work, she still didn’t find out an essential detail of the beach: it was an amazing place to catch a wave. “When I actually arrived at the campground,” she said, “I found out that even though I’d read so much about this place, I hadn’t learned that it was home to a great surf break — and I’m a surfer and hadn’t brought my board!”

At the time, over 30% of the California State Park system was threatened with closure due to lack of revenue. With this context, Alyssa realized it was essential to build technology to help people get outside and connect with nature.

And so the idea for Hipcamp was born. Alyssa attended Dev Bootcamp, an intensive ten week programming course to learn how to code. She built a very basic version of Hipcamp and released it in June 2013. Co-founder Eric Bach joined later that year, and Hipcamp continues to grow, with new features and campgrounds every day!


Author: Carrie Mitchell

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