About L’Aventure Travel


We love to travel. We live for new cultural experiences. We adore making new connections with people along the way. We are always planning our next adventure and want to share what we have learned with you, to encourage your own journey. Welcome to L’Aventure Travel.

L’Aventure Travel Media was created to share female-driven stories across boarders. At the heart of it, we are storytellers, and podcasting + web series seemed like the best medium in which to do it! Our current travel podcasts include: Suitcase Sojourn and  Caftan Mondays (subscribe on iTunes | Soundcloud | Acast | Stitcher | Pocket Casts | Google Play Music), and coming Spring 2018 will be our new web series Culture Connection. Stream us while you are at home, at work, in the car, exercising…whenever you want an escape to a new destination. Our goal is to share lessons, tips, adventures and some laughs, to encourage women of all ages to travel and celebrate cultural diversity. So whether you are a veteran traveler, solo, group, or finally ready to explore the unfamiliar, it’s time to choose your own adventure, we have you covered! Keep connected with us on instagram/twitter/facebook @laventuretravel and sign up for our monthly newsletter

Founder Carrie A. Mitchell has worked with top brands in hospitality and travel industry as a communications & brand strategist, as well as contributed to multiple media outlets on the subject of travel, culture and women’s issues. She currently hosts the podcast Suitcase Sojourn and recently wrote her first children’s book “To Be We: The Adventures of Owen and Lucy” on the topic of travel and culture. With so many stories and tips traded back and forth on email throughout the years, this L’Aventure Travel was her attempt to put them in one place and celebrate her fellow female travelers, and learn from others around the world. Connect with Carrie at carrie@carrieamitchell.com or on instagram or twitter @carrieamitchell and her company Sonder Communications

For editorial collaboration, marketing/sponsorship inquires, or just to say hello, email us at: info@laventuretravel.com or carrie@carrieamitchell.com